Things I Wish I Was Making This Week

It's funny when people think because you blog, you're this super motivated cook. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast doing this and getting to know so many great people. But some days weeks it's hard to get motivated. I haven't picked up ingredients from my farmers market or grocery store in 13 days.  Hopefully, I'll remedy that at tomorrows Penn Quarter Farmers Market. In the mean time, here are what a few of my fellow foodies are making this week...

Asparagus, Pea Shoot & Goat Cheese Pizza by Adventures in Shaw

Spring Shells & Cheese by The Bitten Word

Asparagus Pancetta Hash by Smitten Kitchen

Pissed Off Pasta by The Passion Fruits (*love* the name guys... we've all had those days)

Double Strawberry Cupcakes by Nikki Rappaport

Cannoli Cheesecake by The Arugula Files

And, thanks to One Bite At a Time, where Alejandra taught me how to keep my spring asparagus fresh for longer.

Now, off to make cereal pasta with olive oil & parmesan for dinner.

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