Ray's Hell Burger: There's Goes That Vegetarian Thing...

I've been putting off going to Ray's Hell Burger. I mean, I'm *trying* to reduce the amount of meat I eat... but I mean, it's Ray's... if you're gonna trust anyone with providing you beef, it's Ray (or rather Mike, the guy behind Ray's).  So when my parents were visiting this week, my brother added it to the agenda.
My First Hell Burger Bite: Cooked Medium, Diablo Spice Rub, White Cheddar Cheese, Sauteed Onions, Mushrooms & Tomato

My tips for first timers... Study the menu in advance. There are so many toppings and combos... I got to the front of the substantial line quickly and made snap decisions. I would do mine differently next time (not that it wasn't amazing).

Also, don't forget to bring cash - Ray's Hell Burger doesn't take credit... (and since I rarely carry cash, it could be another reason I stay away.)  Lastly, the burger does rock, but the sweet potato fries were meh. And I lovvvve sweet potato fries, so I was disappointed there.

In short, if you bow down to the master of beef, you'll love you some Ray's... in the mean time, enjoy the burger porn after the jump...

PS. Ray's is so cool, they don't have a website, but they do have a Facebook Fan Page where you can connect with other Hell Burger acolytes.

PSS. The address is 1713 Wilson Blvd (not the one linked below, but Blogger won't let me change it... sorry. Hugs.)

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Ali said...

LOVE the White House pics - so gorgeous!!

I am dying to try hellburger, loved your tips!!