Leon's Full Service: You Had Me at "Bacon In a Glass"

I got busy with the conference I was at in Atlanta and didn't post my visit to Leon's Full Service in the adorable neighborhood of Decatur until I got back to DC today. But I must have told everyone that I've seen since about "Bacon in a Glass".

It's not just bacon, the baconratti tell me... it's Benton's bacon... in a glass. Side of peanut butter to dip it in is optional, but after eyeing it skeptically, I believe it's a must do.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The restaurant used to be a gas station and has these cool roll up walls that open out into a patio courtyard to dine and people watch.

I started out the night with a Bitter & Stoned. I can be at least one of those things every now and then. (No, not stoned, people... bitter.) It was perfection - not to alcohol-y, not to sweet, served with a dried apricot. You see, in addition to being known for Bacon in a Glass, Leon's is also known for it's amazing, fresh cocktails. Tell the bartender what you're into and then release into the trust-zone. They will not disappoint.

It's rare that dinner is the afterthought, but in this blog post, it comes in third. Not because it was meh... on any other meal, it could have been the star. I went with the special of the day which was Red Snapper served over a Grit Cake. Yes. I will be attempting to make something like this one day soon.

Leon's is worth the short trip from downtown Atlanta and was super easy to get to from MARTA which pops you up right in the middle of all kinds of cute, fun and quaint in downtown Decatur.


Cecilia Dominic said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit to Decatur! We love living here. :) We'll be going to a Malheur Beer Dinner at Leon's later this month and are really looking forward to it.


Nikki Rappaport said...

omg. dipping bacon in peanut butter? I can't imagine, but I can...and it must be amazing.

@jeffdonald said...

So glad you got to experience Benton's! You can also find it in DC at Blue Ridge along with a Benton's 24-month prosciutto that is incredible.

Tammy Gordon said...

I need to get back to Blue Ridge - I haven't been since January & I'll bet the menu's totally different!

OhTheJoys said...

UR in mah town etn mah BCN! Heh.

Ali said...

Oh yum. YUM! yum. yum.