Half Off a Farm Club Membership thru Deals for Deeds

DC's newest online discounter, Deals for Deeds, differentiates itself from Living Social and Groupon by making your deal make a difference.

If you want to try it out, today's the perfect opportunity for foodies into local eating... the discount this weekend is half off Arganica Farm Club membership for three months.

Let's face it, we're all busy here in the nation's capitol... Arganica brings the farmers market delivered to you. Along with your fresh ingredients from local sources, you also get information and ideas on what to make with it.  Kind of takes the work out of the "Farmers Market Challenge" but still counts.

I'm intrigued and going to try this one out. I'll let you know how it goes. (But I won't stop going to the actual farmers market... I love it too much!)

PS. You only have 62 hours and 58 minutes to snag the deal... ready... go!


Evan said...

thanks for tip floridagirl, I got the deal myself and very excited. Do you know anything else about this Deals For Deeds site, I am intrigued...

Tammy Gordon said...

Not a ton. The guys that started it reached out to me to invite me to the opening party which I couldn't make and then emailed me to let me know about the Arganica Farm Club deal. The seem cool - email them at harrison@dealsfordeeds.com if you want more info.