Farmers Market Challenge: Morels

Today's Dupont Circle Farmers Market was bustling despite cloudy skies and threats of rains. I set out with designs on picking up a bunch of asparagus (now that I've discovered I actually like it) and duck eggs (for my next Farmers Market Challenge where I make something I've never attempted.)

But the Farmers Market has a mind of it's own. Eating from local farms means you get what local farms have, not whatever your whim is. And Tom was out of duck eggs by the time I got my tail out of bed.  But the Farmers Market actually provides inspiration where you never even knew it might exist. And today, that came in the form of these gorgeous morels:
I also have ramps that I picked up last week... and a new bunch of spring asparagus... so add this to the mix:
So... what should I make? These ingredients seem to scream pasta... but what am not considering? Send me recipes or ideas on Twitter at @floridagirlindc or leave em in the comments here.

PS. My blogger pal, Adventures in Shaw has already sent me a killer Asparagus-Leek Lasagna recipe that I can tweak using ramps instead... The Bitten Word has an intriguing Shaved Asparagus Salad with Parmesan and @samerfarha's suggested an omelette.  Sigh, if I only had my duck eggs. (Silently vowing next week to get to the market earlier. Tom says the duck eggs are just coming in and he expects to have more next week.)


Nelle Somerville said...

I had a ramp puree once...hmmm. What if you made steak with sauteed morels and asparagus and put the ramps in a mashed potato type concoction? No menu, just typing out loud. Can't wait to hear what you make.

baritone58 said...

Morels and asparagus go really well together because neither needs much cooking and the earthy taster of the morels is a great balance to the asparagus - i.e. what Nelle said is terrific. Omelettes for lunch was the first thing that came to my mind, though.

Tammy Gordon said...

Mmmm. You guys are good. I just made a ramp/morel/asparagus risotto with part of them but I have plenty more.

Unknown said...

Hey Tammy!
The Georgetown Farmers' Market in Rose Park opens TODAY!!!!! May 5th at 3:00 (until 7:00).

The cooking challenge is on!!!
Hope to see you there!!!