Video Recap of Food Blogger Bake Sale for Haiti

Love this video recap by Thomas Nguyen of today's Bake Sale for Haiti! Gives you a great feel of the day and all of the treats... and true to PR girl form, I somehow ended up being spokes-gal for the effort.

Bake Sale For Haiti from Thomas Nguyen on Vimeo.

On March 28, 2010, over 23 DC food bloggers joined together to create a Bake Sale For Haiti in benefit of Doctors Without Borders. In just a mere 2 hours of selling, they raised $950!

PS. Would it have killed me to put on a little lipstick? Remember, I was operating on minimal sleep and baking stress.


Ali said...

You look beautiful!! My lovely friend you should be on camera more!

shulie said...

Agreed! Although really don't know you other than tweets but you sound and look real fluid on camera. A NATURAL!

Tammy Gordon said...

Aw thanks! I prefer to train other people to be on camera than to do it myself - but this was a good cause and lots of fun!