Sharpening My Knife Skills (Otherwise Known as Parsley Is My Bitch)

If you've been following my blog or Twitter feed for a while, you may recall a few months back after a nasty incident with a butternut squash, I anted up bought a right professional 10 inch chef's knife. When it arrived in the mail, I was so intimidated by it's size and heft that it sat on my counter like the proverbial elephant in the room.

But, this is when it's handy to have a great community of fellow food bloggers. One day, I was whining about the knife and my friend @MangoTomato lept to the rescue. It seems she's apprenticed in knife skills trainings many times and was ready to make the leap to professor. We quickly assembled six food bloggers in Adventures in Shaw Girl's kitchen to try our hand at slicing, dicing, julienning, sectioning and peeling.

Below are my results... they are a tremendous improvement on my typical mis-shapen, chunky cuts.

On it's way to being a perfectly diced onion...

A beautiful and sweet orange, sectioned. No stringy mess.

Yep, parsley is my bitch.

I love this way of cutting a pepper and leaving out all of the seeds and spines.

If you'd like to set up a class, @MangoTomato's a fantastic, patient and fun teacher. Reach out to her - or just read her blog.

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Olga @ MangoTomato said...

I'm so glad you liked the class and learned a lot! Thanks for attending and being an A student.

Your pepper and parsley look great.