Recessionista Deal: Huge New Restaurant Discounts for AARP Members

Full disclosure, I work at AARP. But I'm in my 30s, not 50s so most of the offerings aren't exactly up my alley. This is one that I'm really excited about though, starting today, AARP members can get discounts of up to 60% off restaurant gift certificates! Over 13,000 restaurants are participating -- and it's not just chains.

And it's not just a daily deal like Groupon or Living Social (which I also love)...  You just go to the website, search by zip or city and choose the restaurant and how much you want to purchase.

A couple of FloridaGirl faves offered include:
Washington, DC: Cantina Marina, Cedar, L'Enfant Cafe
Cleveland, OH: Ponte Vecchio, Chocolate Bar, Grumpy's
Tampa, FL: Chez Bryce, Dubliner Irish Pub, Estela's, The Brunchery, NoHo Bistro

Visit aarp.org/restaurant to see what's in your area (or for your next trip!) and ensure you are getting the full AARP discount.  If you want to follow me on Twitter for AARP related deals and news, I'm @TammyAARP.

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