My Kinda Tax Relief: BLT Steak Half Off Drinks ALL DAY 4/15

I am a total tax procrastinator. I haven't even THOUGHT about doing them yet.

Thanks to BLT Steak, I now have some incentive to get my act together. On April 15th, BLT restaurants all of the country will be offering HALF OFF all of their alcoholic drinks.

We're talking ALL - cocktails, beer, wines by the glass and bottles of wine will be sold at 50% off ALL DAY LONG!

See you there.


PS. Dear BLT, do NOT let me have a cocktail until they are done... extensions don't count. #toughlove

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Unknown said...

I bet there'll be a lot more of these promotions popping up in the days 4/15 and I can't wait!
p.s: love the new blog look...