More to Love About Austin: Part 1

I'm in love with this town. I have been since I first arrived. I've now taken to snapping random photos of it all. There's no real thread to this post... just more things I love...

Austin's got a great street food scene. This one is from BC (Before Cone, There Was Bacon). It's a waffle cone stuffed with taquitos, guacamole, cheese and more. What's not to love? Oh yeah, the calorie count... guess that's why so many Austinites are running around Town Lake.

Austin's a very dog friendly town. Restaurants and bars have bowls for dogs on the patios. Half of the people running around Town Lake are accompanied by their pups. Makes me miss Ike *a lot*!

Austin is unabashedly nerdy. There are more awkward white hipsters per capita than Brooklyn, at least during SXSW. (Hat tip to Josh Cagan that reference and for winning Battledecks... an Improv PowerPoint Roulette... where the above was a slide.)

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