Austin's Trailer Parked Street Food Scene

There weren't enough days or meal times for me to taste everything I wanted to in Austin.  One aspect that I was super delinquent in exploring was the street food. They call it trailer food there and most of them are in kitschy refurbished Airstream trailers.  Here were a few I'd like to do a round up on the next time I'm in town:

La Casa Del Fuego Tacos at 402 Lavaca

Crepes Mille on South Congress

There's even an entire trailer park full of 'em including the famed Torchy's Tacos.  More after the jump...

Downtown Burgers on Trinity in between 3rd & 4th

Bar-B-Q Heaven on East 7th in the Twin Liquors parking lot

What'd I miss? If I make it back down to Austin for a trailer food challenge, what are your top 3 picks?


Sarah (Bourdon) Koen said...

I've heard these two rock:

Flip Happy Crepes (featured on Throw Down w/Bobby Flay)


Mighty Cone

Tammy Gordon said...

Yum, adding to list!

Tammy Gordon said...

Yum, adding to list!