Austin: Jo's Coffee Shop Downtown

Just a few short blocks from the SXSW Interactive madness is Jo's Coffee Shop downtown. I went in search of a morning latte that wasn't Starbucks. I found not only a killer latte, but breakfast tacos (I had the chorizo & egg) and perfect pancakes (I had the whole wheat short stack). All of that and sun dappled patio seating had this sick-of-winter gal swooning...

In addition to featuring my order, this photo may or may not feature a couple who spent more than 20 minutes discussing the merits of Gowalla vs. Yelp vs. Foursquare. Sorry, I'm an eavesdropper.

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K said...

Sounds great! And I eavesdrop all the time especially if I'm eating alone - the other day these two guys spend about 15 minutes discussing the varied effects of caffine levels from different coffees..or something, I couldn't even really understand but still listened, haha.