Austin: East Side Show Room

Last night, we took a break from the SXSW mob scene in downtown Austin and stepped out on the East Side with a couple of our friends who live here. Once glance at East Side Show Room's menu and I was stoked to visit this locally sourced, creative restaurant.

I started off with one of the most gorgeous looking cocktails I've ever seen - the Violet Translation which is made with gin and a creme liquor made from violet flowers:

Starters and entrees after the jump...

We sampled a couple of entrees (below), including the Buffalo Carpaccio , the cheese plate (which had an amazingly hearty but mild blue) and the hot croissants with fondue:

I liked my entree the best (natch) - it was called Grits & Gravy and was vegan grits with sauteed greens (maybe the best ones of my life), grilled mushrooms and caramelized onions... all topped with a fried egg. Nom.

A couple of my dining partners who don't use salt had some issues with their food being oversalty (luckily mine was perfect bc I'm not a huge salty fan)... so my only advice would be to ask for your food to be light on the salt if you are sensitive to that.  The Barbeque Quail & Oranges was also deemed delicious, but I'll let One Bite At a Time blog about that one...

The decor was amazing, with interesting art, candlelit rooms, live music and interesting people. Check it out!

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