Today's Farmers Market Haul

Arlington Farmers Market: Croissant, Cranberry Orange Muffin, Sunflower Bread and Black Bottom Cupcakes from Atwater Bakery of Baltimore, MD, Tagliatelle from Cavanna Pasta of Richmond, VA, Black Trumpet Mushrooms from WestGrove, PA, Bloody Mary Mix and an apple from Toigo Orchards in PA,

It's time for a new Market Challenge... by decree of the Mushroom Lady my assignment is Black Trumpet Mushrooms! She insisted they are amazing with pasta... like BUTTAH. And also, she insisted that I walk right back over to Buster's Seafood tent and get a rockfish filet to go with it. So, game on. Send me any tips, recipes or ideas and I'll report back on the results.

PS. I'm EXCITED! Spring is around the corner.

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