Beet Street Gardens: Good Food, Safe Space

My friend Virginia first told me about Beet Street Gardens a couple of weeks ago. It's the brainchild of Katie Aldworth who combined her love of community gardening and helping people.

Katie's raising funds to start three gardens, with trainings and workshops at three DC area organizations, including one that works with sex workers, a shelter for homeless teen mothers and a domestic violence shelter.

From March to October of 2010, Beet Street will teach, plant, maintain, and harvest sustainable food-producing gardens, and host workshops on gardening, food, health, nutrition, and cooking.

Katie has five days left to reach her fundraising goal. You can help make Beet Street Gardens happen - either with a donation, as a volunteer, or as a fan on Facebook.

I love that you can donate as little as $1.00, but that the more you give, the more you get involved! A donation of $100 gets you a cookbook with recipes from the people the garden helps. A donation of $1,000 gets you a dinner party for up to six using harvest from the gardens catered by Katie and a representative from one of the participating organizations.

You dig? Donate.

Note: Funds raised will go to seed starting equipment, soil tests, building materials, tools, compost, soil, seeds, plants, compost bins, materials for workshops and cooking sessions, canning and preserving supplies. Any funds raised above goal will go toward stipends and/or toward murals at the gardens!

*** UPDATE: Beet Street Gardens hit it's fundraising goal and we'll be sending updates on their progress as Katie reports. She's also gotten a request from a mental health organization for a 4th garden, so contributions are still being accepted. ***

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