Vegas: Nobu at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

I am a terrible food blogger. Last night, I was at Nobu. *Nobu* But I was also working (you know, the real job that pays me as opposed to blogging) and I had to live tweet the State of the Union as my colleagues were settling in to zen foodie bliss downstairs at Nobu. So, I'll apologize it advance. I kept dashing downstairs and they saved me plates of sushi, but I didn't snap good pics or have time to savor my meal... and Nobu is a restaurant that deserves that kind of recognition.

I last ate at Nobu on my first trip to Vegas. I was by myself at the sushi bar and the meal was the highlight of my trip. Of course, that says more about my trip than my love of sushi or chef Nobu Matsuhisa. I recall the best sushi of my life. And the sushi chef sat there with me, talking me through the experience and making new things for me to delight in.

The sushi master at work... He said I should have let him pose.

This experience was a little rushed, but again, the food and the service were amazing. My favorite bite of the meal was the Lettuce Cups. I know, I know... lettuce cups... PF Changs has them. But these took the concept to an entire 'nother level. Crisp buttery lettuce, warm sweet melt in your mouth cod, crunchy toppings. My dining neighbor sent the table into gales of laughter as she couldn't hold in her "OHHH MMYYYY GOSSSHHH... This is the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Here's a quick snap I took before everyone dove in:

I had to dash upstairs to tweet the Republican response, so I missed snapping the gorgeous sushi platter. Luckily, my colleagues made me a plate of sushi and sashimi highlights. Other than traditional bites like spicy tuna and salmon, my favorite roll was the Yellowtail & Jalapeno.

Nobu, next time I'll do you more justice, but I couldn't pass up a post on your perfection. One day, maybe I'll get close.


Olga said...

Are you not tired of all this fabulous food yet? :) Sorry, just a bit jealous!

Glad you are having a fabulous time in Vegas after an amazing time in NOLA.

See you in a week for a knife skills class!

Unknown said...

Had the black cod in lettuce last night and can't stop thinking about it. Lobster tacos were also fantastic!