Vegas: Mon Ami Gabi at The Paris Hotel & Casino

I'll say it. I judge chain restaurants. There. So, when my colleague suggested Mon Ami Gabi for our arrival lunch in Vegas, the food snob in me recoiled. But ya know, when in Vegas, I figured I'd just roll with it.

And was happlly proven wrong. First of all, the location is PERFECT for your first stop in Vegas. Right on the strip, Mon Ami Gabi has a gorgeous patio with a view of the Bellagio across the street. If you like people watching, it's worth eating here for that reason alone.

When our server suggested we start with the scallops... again I judged. I looked at her like, *really?* do you think I just fell off the turnip truck? Scallops are so lamely obvious. And I grew up in Florida eating fresh scallops like they were candy, so I can't stand when scallops are bad.

Again, I was happily proven wrong. The Sea Scallops Gratinées were served in adorable shell dishes where they were marinating in caramelized fennel, an onion marmalade, and mussel cream. Cheesy, buttery goodness:

I ordered the Chopped Salad and a glass of Chardonnay for my meal. It was crispy, simple and perfect:

So, Mon Ami Gabi, I'm sorry I judged you. Sometimes, chains become chains because they are so good, we want more. And I do. See you in Bethesda.

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