Vegas: Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace Casino Hotel

My Vegas quickie trip was missing a dash of old school Vegas kitsch until my breakfast pilgrimage to Hash House a Go Go in the Imperial Palace Casino Hotel. My friend Kristi & her son Kenny picked me up at my hotel and lead me down a winding path of parking garages, elevators, escalators, hallways and slot machine gauntlet... but it was worth it to reach the hallowed ground of Hash House:

Even though I was flying out shortly, I knew I was in the right spot when the first thing on the menu that jumped out at me was "O'Hare of the Dog" which was comprised of a 24 oz Budweiser in a bag & side of bacon. Brilliant. This was the Vegas of lore that I hadn't seen.

After looking over the considerable menu and watching the largest servings I have seen in my life go by to other customers, we settled on our order. Kenny was about to get the first serving of Fruit Loops in his short life. Kristi went for the Famous Sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits, which came with two eggs and mashed potatoes. And I went for the Tractor Driver Combo which had two Eggs (me: scrambled with cheese), a choice of bacon, sausage or potatoes (me: bacon) and a Hash House signature flapjack (me: I upgraded to the Snickers pancake. Yes, Snickers. I mean, it's Vegas, right, where else am I going to try a Snickers pancake???). Here's what it looked like and let me tell you, in real life, it looked about 10 times bigger:

Now, I know I like to try to eat local and sustainable... even vegetarian most days. But if you're gonna cheat and just be bad... Hash House a Go Go is the place to do it.

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