Cat's Famous Sausage Dip

This dip has been a staple since my old roomie Cat Thomas introduced it in our grown-up Glover Park sorority house (it was pink and contained a bunch of FSU girls, whaddya want?) It's great for game days, cocktail parties or hungover Sundays.

Cat's Famous Sausage Dip
- 1 lb (tube) of Jimmy Dean pork sausage (To make it vegetarian, I used a spicy soy sausage, like Soy-Chorizo, which is found in the vegetable section... it looks, smells and cooks just like the Jimmy Dean.)
- Add 2 blocks of cream cheese (It's fine with the light cream cheese also)
- One can of Ro-Tel

1. Brown the sausage and crumble into bite size pieces. Drain any oil. Add Ro-Tel until warm.

2. Cut the cream cheese into chunks and mix into the sausage and Ro-Tel mixture. Stir until melted and combined. You can serve straight from the sauce pan (it's also fabulous to make this in a Crock-Pot so that it stays warm) or refrigerate and warm for your party.

Serve with your favorite chips. I like it with Fritos, Tostito's Scoops or Stacy's Pita Chips.


Olga said...

oh wow. I want some of it right now! :)

Tammy Gordon said...

Are you going to the Food Blogger Pot Luck on Wednesday? I may make it for that!

t2ed said...

I do this same recipe but use the snausage mix to stuff mushrooms and then just pop them in the oven for a while.

So good, so easy.