Things The Psychic Said

For what it's worth, here was the gist of my palm reading today. I'm a skeptic, but she got a lot of things right.

1. I'm going to live a long life.
2. I'm traveling soon (me: for the holidays[, duh]... her: yes, but then also in January[, smart ass]). Advice: Make sure to do what you want to, not just what others want you to do.
3. This vegetarian thing is apparently going to be lifelong, but I have to make sure I get enough iron.
4. I'm going to have one pregnancy, but possibly 2 kids. I'll be fertile til 43.
5. I'm not done with my education.
6. I'm going to have 3 careers (cool - what's next after politics and communications!?!?)
7. Spring is gonna be complicated, but things will even out in the summer.
8. I had a "divorce", but am now with my soulmate.

I'm definitely going to be watching to see what comes. But, it was a fun experience and I felt like in addition to nailing some things that I didn't think were obvious, she gave good advice. Great idea for a girls gathering!

Source: Psychic Readings by Crystal in Georgetown, DC by appointment 202-841-6936

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