Snowday Menu: May Be Harmful to Your Health

I like to think I'm an adventurous home chef, but there's something about a record snow storm that brings out the sloth in all of us.

For 24 hours, nary a vegetable nor protein was consumed.

It started out Friday night... As flurries fell, my BF hit Harris Teeter and came home loaded up with Krispy Kremes, coffee, candy, chips and Velveeta mac-n-cheese. My higher brow palate was simultaneously celebrating my friend Ginger's birthday at West End Bistro. When I saw the first snowfall, I called the server over and ordered a mac-n-cheese to go and my bill.

I present you with our Saturday Snowday Menu:

Breakfast: Dunkin Donuts original blend, accompanied by a duo of Glazed and Chocolate Glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.

Lunch: Mac-n-Cheese from West End Bistro

Dinner: Mac-n-Cheese from West End Bistro, followed by dessert of Nerds

Champs. Thanks the Lord that 8 farmers made it to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market today. If you're anything like me, the only thing you want more than someone to shovel your car out is a giant crunchy salad.

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