Things Floridians Love: Stone Crabs

Just heard that BLT Steak has added stone crabs to their menu for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Naturally, as a Floridian, I have already bum-rushed OpenTable.com for a reservation.

Image c/o: Taste With The Eyes

It's Thursday, December 10th and will be $90.00. BLT said in an email, "Chef de Cuisine Victor Albisu has crafted a menu around the infamous native Floridian Stone Crab, Menippe Mercenaria. A rare find on Mid-Atlantic restaurant menus, these southeastern imports will make their way via select fishermen along the Atlantic coast of Florida to our downtown DC kitchen in perfect time to commence the winter holiday season. Per pound, the Stone Crab is the most expensive and coveted seafood in the United States.

Menu choices will include:

"Classic" Chilled Stone Crabs, Jumbo Steamed Stone Crabs and Fried "Saffron" Stone Crabs. All Stone Crabs will be served with classic side dishes to include: Creamy Spinach, Old Bay French Fries and Steamed Corn. Dessert will include a Key Lime Trio with a Marshmallow Pie and Sorbet. As always, our signature BLT Popovers and other special treats from Chef Albisu will start an unforgettable culinary evening."

NOTE: Chef Albisu, please don't forget the mustard sauce!

When you make your reservation, make sure to note that it's for the Stone Crab menu.

Enjoy! (It goes without saying, I'll be live-tweeting the experience at @flordiagirlindc)


Ashley Parker, 2008 Class Reporter said...

where are you from? I just went home to FL over Thanksgiving and had stone crabs at my favorite stone crab place in Longboat Key, near Sarasota, Moores. Delicious! I agree- if you are a Floridian, you love some stone crabs. These Marylanders keep trying to tell me Blue Crab is the best. psssh. Their crabs don't have anything on our crabs!!

Tammy Gordon said...

They totally don't! I'm originally from Tampa but have been all over Florida for work. I feel trite, but my fave stone crabs are still at Joe's in Miami.