Take a Chance and Take It Offline

Today's been a big week for taking chances and meeting new people for the FloridaGirlinDC. First, I overcame my high schoolesque anxiety and went to the super fun DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour where I met the real people behind Arugula Files, Pete Bakes, Modern Domestic, Adventures in Shaw, The Bitten Word, Glamazon Diaries and Urban Bohemian. They were all cool, funny, interesting and creative. No one was standoffish and everyone just connected. We spent the evening swapping cooking stories and ended up deciding we needed a food blogger reality show.

Today, I met the famous Twitter Grams, @msphixit for lunch at Zola. She's been in town with her husband visiting family and meeting Twitter pals. We shared stories about how our significant others think we are crazy for meeting each other... But it was great! We're from different coasts and different generations, but here we were gabbing like sorority sisters, sipping wine and splurging for dessert.

Sure, she could have been a 40 year old sketchy man instead of a 70-something surrogate grandma to legions of Tweeters... But she wasn't AND we were safe by picking a public place for lunch... And were rewarded by taking an online friendship into real life.

And it was awesome.


StephanieCS said...

Very cool, Tammy. I actually became friends with a group of about 50 women. We originally met on self.com's forums and eventually created our own online forum. I'm not on the forum anymore, but I still talk on a regular basis with some of the girls that I met. I think the stigma of internet friendships is going by the wayside. FB and twitter and blogs are great vehicles for meeting new people!

Tammy Gordon said...

I'm sure eventually I won't connect with someone, but so far everyone I've met has been so genuine, smart, funny and cool. #win

EJH said...

That's how I enjoyed my first Nationals Game, but then you knew that :) I don't know why but I feel like Twitter friends are the least scary--probably because every detail of their life isn't available in the profile :)

I also met @phishybrewer in real life, and he's become a friend too--a displaced Clevelander living in California. It's so much fun having this national web!

Tammy Gordon said...

Ha! @BlairDC was my "first" then you @joelhousman and @sfeuer at the Nats game!

Shaw Girl said...

Sometimes it's definitely worth the risk to meet people from Twitter. I've met some amazing people that way - including you!