Seattle: How To Cook A Wolf

I'm starting to narrow down WHICH food to blog about from my Seattle trip. Everything has been so amazing. But last night's dinner in Queen Anne was such a great experience, I've run straight to the computer this morning to share with you.

First of all the name - How To Cook A Wolf - is so unique. It's from a 1942 culinary novel by M.F.K. Fisher which spoke of the hunger (the wolf) and the joy of eating. The space is small but envelopes you in cozy curved wood (like the inside of a ship or modern cabin) and stone. We were greeted by the lovely (and cute) Jordan who sat us at the bar and provided both banter and menu guidance for our evening.

We started out with the Buffalo Mozzarella salad. I have never tasted mozzarella this soft. It blended perfectly with it's accompanying tart pear and earthy arugula. Here's a pic of the absurdly sexy chef making it:

and the finished product (sorry I promise to get better at food photography one day)

Next up was the Seared Scallops. I usually don't order scallops - it's hard to get them right and they are so trite amongst the food industry. But Jordan hadn't steered us wrong yet and we scooped up the last order of these little babies.

They were cooked perfectly. Soft, sweet and I loved the side drizzle of olive paste and bed of pearl pasta they were laid across.

Next up was the Gnocchi with bacon which was also perfect. We had been tossed up between the gnocchi and the bolognese and had asked the couple next to us, which had one of each which was best. They each thought their own was the best. And they were probably right. The gnocchi was perfectly pillowly and melded with the salty bacon crisps and sweet onions. But any of the pastas would likely have been transcendent.

We ended up getting a dessert that was so-so, so I'd advise at leaving it there. We enjoyed our last splash of prosecco and went home in a haze of foodie bliss.

Cheers from Seattle!

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