Fall Fashion I Can Get Fired Up About

As previously posted, I'm not a fan of cold weather. Anything below 50 degrees has the potential to send me into a jeans rut. But I am LOOOOVING the new ShopBop.com Fall Ultimate Closet. The best part is I already own a lot of the components.

To complete this look, I just need a plaid shirt and boyfriend blazer, both of which I've been hunting for anyone. Anyone have recommendations for affordable, well fitting options on the plaid shirt? Almost all that I have tried on are too boxy. Considering hitting the boys section of Abercrombie or American Eagle...

And, on this look, I just need a cute/hot pair of black booties.

PS. Notice, no tights were involved in these fall looks. Hate em.

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Al said...

If you can get up to NYC anytime soon I would STRONGLY recommend taking $100 cash to Uniqlo in Soho and going crazy. Don't take cards....you'll do too much damage!