Confession: I Hate Halloween, Here's Why:

1. It's overrated... the New Years Eve of fall. Everyone talks about it for weeks and I've never once had an awesome time.

2. When I was little, my friend Teri's Dad used to scare the crap out of me every Halloween. The house that I'd play at 364 days a year became extra scary on Halloween. There was a little courtyard area you had to enter if you wanted to get candy. It was dark and Mr. Taylor would sit in there dressed scary with some spooky voice machine every year. I knew it was him. I would rationalize every year that I knew it was him... it was all fake... still scared. Once I got home, I would lay in bed trying to go to sleep and I could hear his spooky voice echoing down the street. So, I blame Jim Taylor for my early hatred of Halloween.

3. I don't really remember *lovin* any costume I have ever had. I think this is because I have always had a hard time suspending imagination. I didn't want to look like an 8 year old Indian princess in a homemade costume, I wanted to BE an Indian princess. Halfway was never good enough... I could always tell it wasn't REAL enough.

4. Three words: Disney's Haunted Mansion

[Note: I mainly don't like scary things, people, movies, books and, well holidays...]

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