Vegetarian Kryptonite

I'm currently cruising past cute Virginia farms on the way to Charlottesville for the first college football game day. I'm already in fear of what lies ahead... the tailgate. The tailgate is a vegetarian slayer... Last year's attempt at becoming a vegetarian was taken down quickly.

I began making exceptions before I was in the car. By the 3rd quarter, I was declaring in between bourbon and cokes, "I'm a vegetarian, except for all breakfast meats, BBQ, chicken of the finger variety, pepperoni and cheeseburgers."

This year, I'm taking a more laissez faire attitude. I'm trying to reduce the amount of meat I eat, for health and environmental reasons. But on the kickoff of college football season, with a full Ritter tailgate spread less than 20 miles away, I'm being more realistic.

Call Dr. Drew - I'm giving full notice that we are about to backslide for the next 12 hours.

PS. I made fresh guacamole for the tailgate - so I'll have at least one vegetable (or is that a fruit? Man, I'm a vegetarian rookie...)

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Anonymous said...

This is great! You're writing style is smartly humorous and interesting. Refreshing!