UPDATE: Okra Challenge

Nana says I won't make her okra recipe because she fries them in bacon grease.

No *wonder* they are so YUMMY!

Still haven't made them. They are staring at me like that GEICO stack of money.

I have found more okra recipes that look great though:

Martha Stewart's Corn, Cranberry Bean, Fried Okra Salad

Damon Lee Fowler's Grilled Okra with Tomato Vinaigrette

The Lee Brothers' Fried Okra

And how did I forget I could make GUMBO!


Douglas said...

This one is surprisingly easy:

Bacos are vegan. No, seriously - they are.

Sautee Bacos in whatever frying oil you're using first; it imparts the flavor to the oil, effectively giving you vegan bacon grease.

Tammy Gordon said...

why, THAT is brilliant! bacon is always my vegetarian streak killer.