Peach-Feta-"Arugula Files" Panini

Today's market challenge involved fresh peaches (from WV, purchased at Eastern Market in Washington DC on Sunday Aug 2). As I previously blogged, I was inspired by the team at Arugula Files. This panini was sweet and savory delicious. It felt like a dessert but had the crunch of grilled french bread, lightly brushed with olive oil. The sweet peaches were bookended with feta crumbles and arugula. Recipe below:

- one fresh peach, sliced 1/4 inch thick
- freshly washed arugula
- baguette (I used french bread)
- crumbled feta cheese.

1. Heat a grill or frying pan to Medium-High with a drizzle of olive oil.
2. Slice baguette (about 1/2 inch slices) and rub in the olive oil in the pan on both sides.
3. Stack crumbled feta, arugula and slices of peaches between the bread.
4. Put sandwich in pan or panini maker until both sides start to brown and are crispy.


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mary said...

Yum. I missed the market this weekend. I can't believe peaches are here already.