Breakup Reasons: Best of, Volume Two... The Men Speak Up

From the men of Twitter...

- "you really need to get that looked at" via @dan2bit
- "Lets get married on Saturday in the fall!" via @Streyeder
- "I hate sweet tea." via @Streyeder
- "I'm a vegetarian." via @Streyeder
- "She saves the gum she was chewing on your first date...that was dropped in the sand... Over 3mo prior." via @Streyeder
- "She spends more time texting her family and friends than talking to me. Actually texts me when I am sitting right beside her." via @lennylohan
- "She isn't Angela Lansbury." via @calamitysar
- "She irons your clothes- while you're wearing them" via @bizaromike
- "she "accidentally" takes you to the same restaurant her parents are eating at. On the 2nd date." via @A_Bald_Guy
- "won't let my dog sleep in the bed.... haterrrrr!!!!" via @DataPlanMan
- "she has more hair on her back then you do" via @A_Bald_Guy
- "calls mother EVER SINGLE DAY." via @Streyeder

See them all here.

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