Breakup Reasons: Best of, Volume One

These are from the ladies... stay tuned for the gents side of things...

- Couldn't find G-spot if he were stuck in a paper bag with it, a GPS and a miner's helmet. (via @jas508, the original #breakupreasons guru)
- thinks a nice dinner out is a waste of money, geographically undesirable, has tattoo on arm that says "your mom"
- rather play video games than have sex.
- more addicted to Twitter (via @jas508) than me.
- brings firearms to presidential events. total dealbreaker when u work in politics.
- sends love notes on kitten stationary. actually happened.
- He admires your taste in clothing...so much so that he wears it when you aren't home. (via @SassyGirlTN)
- has an unhealthy obsession with wolves.
- is undead.
- Failing to mention that ur still living with the WIFE you're "separated" from... (via @Lianne347)
- won't friend you on Facebook.
- still lives with parents.
- lives in Jersey (via @heykiddo)
- smokes, drinks daquiris, has mullet, thinks sorority girls are all ridiculous, borrows money from my broke ass
- hates beach, calls flip-flops "thongs", believes glenn beck, orders steak extra rare, drinks decaf for non-medical reason
- Hates tomatoes, mushrooms, condiments, and any food deemed "too spicy" (via @jas508)
- *on the 1st date, waiter places the check on the table, guy opens it & says: "so how we gonna do this?" (via @marbellus)
- overnight celibacy after 6 months of porn-style fucking (via @bealacey)
- Unwilling to accomodate my nap schedule (via @debihope)
- More

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[ED NOTE: Is this too much to require? Reasons why I'm single?]

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