Project Vegetarian*

I cheated a bit over the weekend (ugh, a buffalo chicken finger and a bite of a BBQ rib). I have to tell you, I feel better when I am eating more fresh veggies and locally grown food.

Just read the following post at www.ACleanLife.org which gave me the inspiration to kick it back into gear this week. Here's a sample, but check out the site and join the community to get more.

"You can buy and eat an apple and feel good. You could also buy a can of chopped apples and not feel good. The reason why this is so is simple too.

The fresher your food the better it is. If it was picked yesterday and you ate it today then it was the best for you. It also helps to have it picked during its peak maturity and not when its to young. Almost nothing in your local supermarket is fresh. All of it is picked too early or arriving weeks later. Often items in cans and boxes are months older (some don’t even go bad).

And, the older food is the worse it is for you."

Can't wait to make those fried green tomatoes AND eat the blueberry pie I picked up at Annapolis Farmers Market yesterday. YUM!

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