Project Vegetarian*

I've tried this once before. Less on moral grounds, and more because meat grosses me out. My friends will recall my run in with a PETA "How to Be a Vegetarian" book on the METRO a few years back. And, I thought, oh, I can totally do this.

By Friday, I was already conceding ground. Bacon was off the table, PETA. Non-negotiable. In fact, as my pal @cdrhoo pointed out, ALL breakfast meats should really be exempt... because the contain crack and we just can't quit.

Saturday brought on game day. Not just any game day. Tailgating in Charlottesville for the UVA-FSU game. And @cdrhoo's mom brought those chicken fingers that are to die for. By the end of the game (FSU lost) and 432 Miller Lites, I had to concede that I was a vegetarian except breakfast meats, chicken of the finger variety, taco meat, pepperoni and cheeseburgers. Oh, and seafood... not really meat, so totally allowed.

So this brings us to attempt number two. I've been reading Skinny Bitch. And meat STILL grosses me out (except the exemptions). I'm trying this again.

Last week, I can report that I fended off boneless chicken wings (yum) and cheeseburgers. Although, I have had seafood, some dairy and bought free-range, organic bacon at the farmers market (for $10 - but worth not having the guilt and chemicals)... I have essentially done it. And, I have to admit, it hasn't sucked.

On Tuesday, I made an awesome cucumber, tomato, feta and red pepper salad. Yesterday, I had an apple for breakfast, a plum for a snack, hummus followed by a arugula, blackberry & camembert salad, and then chips & salsa (and wine!) for dinner.

Perhaps blogging about the journey, and all it's temptations, will keep me (more) honest.

* I'm working to rid myself of the asterik. Baby steps, Bob.

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