DC: Not Everyone Is Boring Here

Lafayette Park (across from the White House)
June 29, 2009

Man, I want to know this cat's story. So mad I didn't ask him.


zendrummer74 said...

He's been there as far back as I can remember. 96'? He dresses as an Australian aboriginie but a secret service friend of mine that tracks all the folks that hang out across from the White House tells me he's just some nice nut.

There are a thousand stories about the homeless folks who end up at Lafayette Park.

There was one elderly lady that this one White House Police officer would check up on and make sure she had blankets and food, etc. She disappeared one day and about six weeks later a couple summoned him to the head shed. It turns out she was filthy rich, had dimentia and kept escaping the retirement home in Northwest DC. The kids knew about the officer watching after her and as a result... gave him half her estate: millions. True story.

EJH said...

Oh my gosh, twitter friend! I was in that park Monday at lunchtime, noticing that guy too :) Did you see the protest too? Right after lunch, the protesters chained themselves together and the police were sawing the guys apart to get them out of the street. How funny :) Small town after all.

Tammy Gordon said...

Such great stories...