Things I'm Thinking About My High School Reunion, Part 1

1. How many people will be pissed if I don't recognize/remember them after 19 years?
2. How many people won't recognize/remember me after 19 years?
3. What do you wear to an outdoor door cocktail party when the weather forecast is a "feels like" over 100 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms?*
4. As my actual date can't come, I will be bringing Twitter instead. **
5. WTH isn't Marissa coming in from freakin' Jax? Ann's coming from Montana for chrissakes? ***
6. Why do reunions always have cash bars? They were MADE for open bar.

* NOTE: My gut says jeans and flip flops... but is that inappropriate knowing there will likely be people there in actual cocktail attire?
** Need someone to make snarky comments to... and hoping that no one besides Julie is on Twitter to read my inner monologue.
*** Who wants to stand in for "buddy pic 1994"?


Douglas said...

I'll snark along with you, if you INCLUDE PICS.

As requested.

Douglas said...

Oh, as for attire - cocktail length with spaghetti straps? Comfortable open flats? Hell, it's Florida - go with linen shorts and a nice sleeveless top.