Airplane Etiquette: Celebrity Sightings, Kal Penn

How do you handle spotting a celeb on a plane with you? Yes, there's the intimacy of being trapped in this uncomfortable tube hurtling above the Earth, but I feel like I'm stressed enough about flying, if I was famous, for SURE I wouldn't want people to call me out and engage me in conversation about my life.

Couple of lessons for the intrusive flight attendent who got excited about Kal Penn being on our flight and began a conversation that it was impossible not to hear.

1) Celeb or not, wearing headphones is the universal language of "Don't talk to me."
2) Repeat number 1.

REAL TIME @flloridagirlindc TWITTER FEED (except on flight, because aforementioned no wi-fi):
Kal Penn observations: really tall. So much so that he kicked my seat like a fucking toddler.
9:34 PM May 30th from web

Kal Penn observations: super nice to the flight attendent asking too personal questions.
9:33 PM May 30th from web

Kal Penn observations: much cuter in person than in Harold and Kumar.
9:28 PM May 30th from web

affirmative on the Kal Penn celeb sighting.
9:24 PM May 30th from web

wheels down DC!
9:23 PM May 30th from web

goodbye LA! hello window seat!
3:43 PM May 30th from web

and don't mock, he works at The White House now so its totally plausible and will make the flight back more fun to ponder.
3:37 PM May 30th from web

Celeb sighting at last second? Kal Penn possibly sitting behind me on LAX-DCA flight. Or his doppelganger. #LAX
3:36 PM May 30th from web

PS. Prior to this my fascination lied solely with a woman in first class who had what appeared to be a pile of blonde cotton candy surrounding her head like a lion's mane. I seriously tried to photograph her without being obvious but it was too fuzzy.

PSS. Kal (we're all first name now...) seemed like a nice guy. He starts in July at his new job, and I'm sure will be fun for all the single ladies in DC.

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