More Reasons I Have Thought Of To Not Work Out

1. My colorist told me not to wash my hair everyday. And I *can't* not wash my hair after an effective workout.
2. I'm hungry and shouldn't work out when all I can think about is Baked Cheetos. Will work out AFTER Cheetos.
3. What if all of the ellipticals are taken? I mean, this MUST be primetime gym action.
4. It's really pretty out, I should go for a run. Do I need a jacket? Should I match in case I run into anyone?
5. How do Rachel Zoe and Anna Wintour just *not eat*? It seems so much easier than having to sweat each day.
6. Who has time? What with work and meeting friends, it just falls through the cracks of importance to me.
7. Would rather help boyfriend set up wireless printer. Yes, I hate it that much.

Fine. Going. Soon.

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