Airplane Etiquette

Dear window seat guy on 5+ hour flight to LA,

It was really impolite to keep your window closed the ENTIRE flight... Even when the pilot announced we were about to fly over incredible views of the Grand Canyon. I know you felt how excited I got and knew how my eyes lit up... Even though you wouldn't make eye contact.

If it was retribution for me sneaking peaks at your iTunes playlist, I'M SORRY! Its just that with 2 hours left, I ran out of Cosmo, US Weekly, and Life & Style... And I forgot a book and headphones.

Poor planning shouldn't result in punishment of such epic proportions as missing the Grand Canyon.


- floridagirlindc

PS. I can't believe how much Huey Lewis you own.

PSS. Seriously, your bike helmet under the seat... What *is* that about?

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