Hi, I'm Your Weather Girl

Here's the forecast for this weekend:

Thursday - partly cloudy, high of 81, low of 69, 10% chance of rain.

Friday - scattered thunderstorms, high of 82, low of 65, 40% chance of rain.

Saturday - few showers (what the heck does that mean?), high of 75, low of 58, 30% chance of rain.

Sunday - partly cloudy, high of 76, low of 61, 10% chance of rain.

As long as it's raining men, who cares?


Tammy Gordon said...

Sweet! For New Orleans less than 50% chance of rain at any point in the day is pretty darn good!

Tammy Gordon said...

sorry for the addition to your post paula, it was begging for a visual.

man, i heart me some internet.

Paula Ford said...

I agree about the need for a visual. Thanks for the help!

MeganTMcC said...

I have so much wardrobe anxiety. I haven't bought anything but suits in like a year. In fact, Ryan and I recently went out to a hip restaurant and he accused me of wearing "sensible shoes." I was humiliated.

Paula Ford said...

Wow...sensible shoes. That's even worse than getting ma'am-ed.

Tammy Gordon said...

there will be no sensible ANYTHING this weekend. i forbid it.