Watch out...

DO you see this? Are YOU paying attention? THIS is what happens when we get together. How cool do we think we are?
That being said, I want this same picture, with a few more of you bitches in there, with the Big Easy in the background (or any random bar will do, really). Kenyon, as much as I appreciate and applaud last year's engineering efforts, will you actually attach the funnel to the hose this time? Too much lost beer on the cool deck. Or wine in Rossi's case.


Tammy Gordon said...

love it! i'm confused thogh... does rossi have your shirt strap around her neck? and will kenyon be showing boobage on bourbon like she was in crystal b?

Whitney said...

my shirt strapless, don't know what's going on with rossi's and of course kenyon will be sans something at some point in time!! I can't believe this little photo gem was just sitting around on my computer.