Airport Arrivals

Tammy - 10am
JC - 1pm
Paula - 10am
Kristi, Whitney - noon
Malin - 1:45pm
Kenyon, Bril, Dana, Rossi - 2pm
Kathy - 2:20pm
Megan- email me your flight times...
(PS. This is how we SHOULD all be arriving... private jet to limo. Sadly, none of us have won the lottery yet.)

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MeganTMcC said...

Well I probably win the procrastinating prize since I got my ticket last Friday! My schedule as of late is packed and unpredictable. Anyway, I also lose 2 hours, so I arrive Friday around 6 pm and leave on Sunday... on a 7:30am flight. Fortunately, as you may recall, I can easily sleep sitting straight up on a plane.