Hotel - Who, How Much, Where, When...

here's the scoop on the rooms. You will be paying me, Kristi or Kenyon (your Rocker Room "Captains") directly. My room has a balcony, but is double the price. I have two spots left ($250 each for Friday and Saturday.) Go ahead and email me if you want to ante up for one of them.

Kristi and Kenyon's rooms, still swank, are less money (if I recall correctly they are more like $190 each.)

We have 3 rooms with 2 queen beds. Which means no one has to sleep outside on a lounge chair. But you can. If you want. For old times sake.

Hugs JC.


jen gotch said...

she looks so peaceful.

Paula Ford said...

Math was never my thing, but if there are 13 girls and 3 rooms w/ 2 queen beds, won't one person have to sleep on a lounge chair?