Welcome to Bachelorette in the Bayou!

Hey all! I know everyone is getting super excited for JC's Bachelorette Weekend in New Orleans Friday April 4-6, 2008. We'll be posting the latest about the weekend plans here on this blog, so bookmark it and check back often.

Feel free to comment, ask questions and post items (photos, whatever).

We have secured three hotel rooms at W Hotel - French Quarter (link to the left). We'll be getting you the cost for Friday and Saturday night shortly. The rooms are under Tammy, Kristi and Kenyon, so you'll be paying one of us directly in advance of occupation.

More fun events and update are underway!


Paula Ford said...

I am counting the days! I can't wait to see JC and hear her tell of her latest adventures as she steps back and forth and tucks her hair behind both ears and says, "and THEN..!"

The blog is a great idea. You are so techno-savvy, Tam!

Paula Ford said...

Can we all go out in costume one night?

Tammy Gordon said...

i just posted a poll. i know a lot of people think that would be fun. as i am one of them, i thought i'd toss that one to the group.